Our student colleagues working as Resident Advisers (RAs) on the Residential Life at Columbia University, last May formed the Columbia University Resident Adviser (CURA) Collective to fight for better pay and workplace democracy for all RAs. They have already won salary raises for some RAs (many of them receiving less than $2 per hour) and now they are getting organized into a union!

Join us at their rally today at 4.30pm on Sundial [In front of Low Library, Morningside campus].


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Academic Organizing Opportunities with UAW 

If you are interested in helping academic workers join the growing wave of organizing with the UAW in the NYC area, please click here to learn about opportunities.  In the last decade, well over 10,000 student workers, non-tenure-track faculty and postdoctoral researchers have organized new unions with the UAW, including Columbia Postdoctoral Worksrs-UAW Local 4100]. The UAW is seeking union members interested in working as temporary part-time or full-time organizers to help continue building this dynamic and growing part of the UAW and NYC labor movement.  

Applications are open to all who have employment eligibility off campus. Strong applicants will be passionate about continuing to improve working conditions for academic workers, able to work well as part of a team, highly focused and detail oriented, and willing to have challenging conversations about the importance of union membership and participation with academic workers from diverse backgrounds. 
If you would like to apply, fill out the interest form and a member of the organizing staff will reach out: https://forms.gle/s7xB5xavAaUvZTMi8


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