May, 2022

Anti-Bullying Policy recommendations for the university

In our first contract, Columbia recognized bullying and power-based harrasment as an big concern in the university and made a historic commitment to convene a University-wide Working Group including representatives from both of our union, CPW-UAW and the union for Student Workers, SWC-UAW to make recommendations to the University on how to address power-based harassment and bullying.

After 6 months of work the committee presented their final recommendations at the University Senate on May 20th, 2022 who will discuss it over the summer and provide feedback.

The final document was sent to the Provost and a meeting will be scheduled to discuss next steps.

Click the Image to read our final recommendations. 

Survey report on power-based harassment among Columbia postdocs and Associate researchers

Members of our anti-bullying working group conducted an anonymous survey among postdocs and Associate researchers at Columbia to gather information to help us represent the thoughts of our constituents as best as possible during the discussions of the anti-bullying university-wide working group. The survey asked about experiences regarding power-based harassment or bullying, and opinions about how such issues should be handled by the University. Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey and helped out!

The resulting survey report highlights the current bullying problem at Columbia University and conveys the importance of having a strong policy against abuse/bullying at Columbia.

Click the image to read our survey report about bullying at Columbia.

April, 2022