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June 1: Columbia needs to pick up the pace toward a fair agreement

In our latest bargaining session Monday, we continued to make modest progress on some of the core non-economic issues remaining in our ongoing negotiations. We would again like to thank all the postdoc and associate researchers who have stepped up in recent weeks to amplify our bargaining demands, including reaching out to administrators and elected leader allies from around New York City. Please expect to do more in the coming days as we continue to move toward the research ramp-up. See fuller bargaining update below.

In sadness and outrage at the horrific murder of George Floyd, our bargaining committee also released a statement of solidarity with Black communities and against anti-Black violence. We believe that one of our fundamental purposes as a union is to use our collective voice to fight all forms of bigotry, racism and other forms of oppression and to work towards a more inclusive and equitable community inside and outside the walls of Columbia. Read more…

May 18: Moving back in the right direction, but Columbia can still do better

Recent Postdoc and Associate Researcher actions appear to have had some positive effect on Columbia’s approach to our negotiations and desire to reach an agreement in the near future, as well as their responses to more immediate concerns on COVID-19. However, yesterday’s session also made it clear that we will need to demonstrate our priorities even more strongly if we want to achieve the kind of fair agreement we deserve on an acceptable timeline – especially when it comes to stronger protections against discrimination and harassment. See our latest bargaining update below. Read more…

Read the letter our elected bargaining committee sent to the administration on the management of the research program at Columbia during the COVID-19 crisis. Our bargaining committee made requests to mitigate the impact on Postdoctoral and Associate Research Scientists.

If you have not yet filled out our COVID-19 survey, please do so here.


New to Columbia? Sign up for the Union! Participation from Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists all across campus is what will give us the power to negotiate a strong first contract with Columbia. 

The bargaining committee prepared specific article proposals for our first contract using feedback from bargaining surveys filled out by a majority of Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists.