Voting for the initial bargaining goals has begun! 

Check out the ‘Contract Negotiations’ tab for more details

In another important step in building our union at Columbia, we are proud to ask you to vote on our initial bargaining goals. Your continued participation is invaluable in efforts to secure improvements in our first-ever contract with the University.

These goals use feedback from bargaining surveys filled out by a majority of Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists, and from in-person discussions during town halls. These goals are purposely ambitious and broad, based on a conceptual agenda that includes all the issues raised throughout our campaign. In the coming month, the bargaining committee, in collaboration with Postdoc/ARS working groups, will prepare specific proposals that address each of these goals. We are very excited to rely on these goals, and your continued feedback, to guide us as we develop concrete contract language on all of these topics through negotiations with Columbia. Participation from Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists all across campus is what will give us the power to negotiate a strong first contract with Columbia. Anyone who has filled out a bargaining survey or an authorization card is eligible to participate in the vote.