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February 12th: More agreements, but Columbia Needs to Start Prioritizing Excellence and Equity

In our 26th bargaining session Wednesday, we signed two more tentative agreements (Health and Safety and Job Posting) and worked to get closer to agreement on a number of other outstanding proposals. Today’s agreements represent real progress on our rights as researchers and also help narrow the overall focus of our negotiations toward our core priority issues as we get closer to our April 6 deadline for a first contract. Read more…

February 7th: The voice of Columbia researchers drives us toward a fair contract

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In our latest bargaining session on Friday, we exchanged a larger number of proposals back and forth than has been typical in recent sessions. While we did not sign any new tentative agreements, we feel we made some important progress on several topics and hope this is a sign that the administration team is ready to start moving more quickly and more seriously toward reaching a fair overall agreement by our April 6 deadline. If Columbia is serious about reaching a fair agreement by that time, the administration team will need to accelerate the pace and quality of bargaining even more as we move forward. See below for more detail on or latest session with Columbia. Read more…

New to Columbia? Sign up for the Union! Participation from Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists all across campus is what will give us the power to negotiate a strong first contract with Columbia. 

The bargaining committee prepared specific article proposals for our first contract using feedback from bargaining surveys filled out by a majority of Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists.