Read the letter our elected bargaining committee sent to the administration on the management of the research program at Columbia during the COVID-19 crisis. Our bargaining committee made requests to mitigate the impact on Postdoctoral and Associate Research Scientists.

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April 1 & 3: Bargaining during the crisis

The CPW-UAW bargaining committee continues working toward a fair agreement–see our latest bargaining update is below.  

We want to start by acknowledging all the Postdoc/Associate Researchers and many others across Columbia who continue to devote themselves to aiding our community through the COVID-19 crisis in numerous ways. Thank you. We also remind everyone to fill out our COVID-19 survey so we can continue to monitor and potentially help address related workplace challenges. As we all consider how to respond in this extraordinary time, and as the University increases redeployment plans, we encourage everyone to share thoughts and questions. If you have immediate concerns, please email us at

Bargaining update from April 1 and 3

We met twice last week with the Columbia administration bargaining team. Though we continued to make progress overall, Read more…

March 27th: COVID-19 and Bargaining Updates

First, we want to give a shout out and thanks to all the Postdoc and Associate Researchers, as well as other members of our community, who are stepping up as volunteers to help with the COVID-19 crisis. The response to this crisis has been truly uplifting. See below for opportunities to get involved if you are interested.

Thanks also to everyone who has filled out the CPW-UAW COVID-19 Survey. Based on feedback from researchers across campus, we sent a letter communicating numerous concerns to the Columbia administration last week. We expect to continue discussing these and other concerns with the administration as the pandemic continues to evolve. Read more…

New to Columbia? Sign up for the Union! Participation from Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists all across campus is what will give us the power to negotiate a strong first contract with Columbia. 

The bargaining committee prepared specific article proposals for our first contract using feedback from bargaining surveys filled out by a majority of Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists.