Over the past year, researchers joined together to win millions of dollars in improvements we deserve from Columbia University, one of the wealthiest academic institutions in the world. That collective voice and power reflects the growing majority membership of Postdocs/ARSs in our union, resulting in the ratification of our new 3 year union contract by 89.4% last week.

As our new contract goes into effect, it is a condition of employment that you contribute your fair share of the cost of representation. Paying membership dues or fees builds a stronger researcher voice that enables us to build a more just research workplace. Please make your choice immediately to fulfill your obligation in a timely manner, and avoid owing retroactive dues or fees.

The achievements in this new contract improve our lives as Postdocs and ARSs and secure better working conditions for all of us. Among the gains made in this contract, we won new economic improvements including:

  • 20% increase to salary minimums over life of the agreement
  • Guaranteed annual 3% raises
  • Guaranteed experience-based increases for the first time ever at Columbia
  • $1,200 ratification bonus
  • More equality for Fellows including $3,500 to compensate for loss of benefits
  • $500,000 emergency fund for unexpected costs
  • Additional financial support for visa renewal ($1,250), relocation costs ($1,500), and childcare subsidy (+$1,000)

We won these improvements through the consistent support and participation of the majority of researchers. This includes the collective resources provided by union members dues which are necessary for maintaining a strong union, and winning further gains in areas like housing and childcare. Majority membership also makes our Union more democratic and inclusive, since membership gives you the right to take part in our union’s decision-making processes.

In order to cover the cost of representation in a fair and equitable way, it is a condition of employment that you either become a member and pay dues (1.44% of gross salary) or decline membership and pay a fair-share fee (1.22%). Click here to accept or decline membership now and avoid the potential to owe retroactive dues or fees.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out at postdocunion@uaw4100.org or check our website FAQ. Together, we are stronger.

In solidarity,

CPW-UAW Local 4100 Executive Board


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