The vote on whether to ratify our tentative agreement with Columbia has concluded as of 12:00pm today. Postdocs and Associate Researchers at Columbia University cast a total of 891 ballots. Union members voted with a majority of 88.4% Yes to ratify the tentative agreement as our contract.

Members voted as follows:

  • 88.4% voted in favor of ratifying the agreement
  • 11.5% voted against ratifying the agreement

Out of the total ballots cast:

  • 89.4% voted in favor of ratifying the agreement
  • 10.6% voted against ratifying the agreement

Thank you to everyone who participated in the vote. After more than six months of bargaining, this vote is a strong mandate for researchers to continue improving our working conditions and the research conditions at Columbia. 

In addition, a  majority of researchers have signed up for union membership! Click here to sign up as a member of our union and forward this link to your colleagues and encourage them to become a member of our union.

In solidarity,

CPW-UAW Elections Committee


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