April 20th is almost here! Negotiations, negotiations, NEGOTIATIONS!!!

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During this coming March, the Bargaining Committee and the Working Groups will be holding Town Halls on the most relevant Contract articles and topics that will be presented to Columbia at the beginning of the Contract Bargaining Season. 

These Town Halls represent a chance to give you all the information about and, at the same time, hear your ideas and thoughts on what  you want to change and improve in our contract. 

We will hold Town Halls on topics like Benefits, Compensation, Housing, Fellows, Parents.. Check the schedule out and join us!! Let us know what you want or don’t want to change in our Contract, you’re part of the team!!

RSVP for one/several zoom Town Halls in the topic you are most interested in.

 and spread the voice among your colleagues!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Bargaining Committee.

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