Today, after years of organizing our union, we have the opportunity to sit down with Columbia and negotiate for  improved and more secure conditions to do our research.

Last fall, we voted 68% in favor of our union. As a result of our conclusive decision to unionize, Columbia agreed to come to the table and bargain in good faith.

Our bargaining goals have been ratified by 98% (747 voting yes to 13 voting no). Our elected bargaining committee developed these goals from bargaining surveys filled out by a majority of Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists, and from town halls and in-person discussions. We are excited to present our goals to the Columbia administration with the strong support of CPW-UAW members.

With the participation and support of a strong majority of Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists across campus, we know we can improve the experience of postdoctoral researchers so as to help us excel in our research, while also making the University more accessible, inclusive, and competitive. If you would like to get more involved, please consider joining a working group that will work with the bargaining committee in fighting for a strong contract.

We will keep you updated on the progress we make in bargaining as we move forwards.


Members of the CPW-UAW Organizing Committee