Click here to read the initial draft of our Local Union bylaws.

At our membership meeting on Monday, our Bylaws Committee presented an initial draft of bylaws for our Local Union. The Bylaws will provide the democratic governance structure for our union and establish the rights of union members in that structure. As a member of our local union, your active participation in the formation of these bylaws is highly encouraged – please read through the draft and offer whatever feedback you may have to the Bylaws Committee.

The Bylaws Committee will be accepting feedback on the bylaws through Thursday, October 29th at 12pm. Click here to submit feedback on the draft.

Based on this feedback, the Bylaws Committee will develop a final draft which will be presented at a membership meeting on October 30th, followed by an online vote to approve the bylaws through November 2nd.

Support Researcher Parents during COVID-19

Columbia introduced a temporary childcare subsidy during July and August addressing urgent problems with scarce and increasingly expensive childcare during COVID-19. However, these problems continue to exist. Furthermore, the partial re-opening of schools, and increasing infection rates across NYC, have only added to the uncertainty and stress we all experience.

Our newly-formed Parents Working Group is continuing the fight for a more inclusive and equitable Columbia by calling on the university administration to extend the emergency childcare benefit for parents during COVID-19.

Please, regardless of your parental status, add your name to the petition to support parents in our unit and across the broader Columbia community.

In solidarity,

CPW-UAW Local 4100 Executive Board