Click here–write Congress now to protect Researchers and other Academic Workers.

Join us in sending a letter to congress with this pre-filled, customizable letter that makes advocating to congress for additional resources easy and fast.

Last week our elected bargaining committee sent a letter to Congressional representatives and Senators expressing the urgent need for Universities to be included in the fourth COVID-19 stimulus package. We are now asking you to join us in reaching out to your congressional representatives to ask them to provide crucial resources to research related agencies and institutions.

Across the country, UAW Academic Workers – from Columbia, to the University of Washington, to the University of California – are coming together to make our voices heard in Congress about the support we need to keep our universities and research thriving in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 shutdowns have impacted Columbia Postdocs and Associate Researchers in many ways, from campus closures that have halted research, disruptions to visa processing and promotion timelines, and lack of childcare options, strains placed on our families, and more.

Congress will be passing additional stimulus bills to help lessen the impacts of COVID-19, which is why your voice is needed now. Will you join the effort and take 5 minutes to write to your members of Congress to demand the following?:

  1. Immediate financial support, including funding to allow continuity of critical research projects, for Universities to continue to employ all personnel until operations return to full speed.
  2. Support for international students and scholars to ensure that all may remain safely in place and continue to work and study in the future.
  3. Additional funding for financial aid so students can continue to have access to affordable instruction.

Click here to write to Congress now to protect Academic Workers.You can submit letters to your Member of Congress and Senators in just a few quick steps right here. We also encourage you to forward this email to your friends and colleagues. Let’s work together to protect academic workers now!


CPW-UAW Bargaining Committee