Our elected bargaining committee has reached a tentative agreement for our first contract with the Columbia administration. We are very proud of the substantive and important improvements we won as a result of years of tireless organizing and 16 months of bargaining, including new minimum salary rates that will make postdoc minimum salaries at Columbia the highest in NYC.  

Please join us for a Town Hall tonight, Wednesday July 1st at 6:00pm to discuss the tentative agreement.

We are also proud that this contract, if ratified, would be the first collective bargaining agreement covering postdoctoral researchers at a private institution. The contract would establish a number of new workplace rights for researchers here at Columbia, including protections against retaliation, neutral resolution of grievances, fairer and more timely procedures to address discrimination and harassment, and paid parental leave.

You can read a summary of the contract as well as the full text of articles here.

We believe this is a strong, fair agreement that would improve the lives and protect the rights of postdoctoral researchers. The bargaining committee voted 7:1 in favor of the agreement and strongly supports ratification. We encourage you to read the articles, attend the town halls, and reach out with any questions.

The ratification vote will begin Thursday July 2nd at 9:00am. To be eligible to vote you must have signed an authorization card and be working in a job title of Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Scientist or Fellow or as an Associate Research Scholar or Scientist. 

In solidarity,

CPW-UAW Bargaining Committee