Please take a moment to vote on Initial Bargaining Goals!

As the bargaining committee, we urge you to ratify the initial bargaining goals so that we  have as much power as possible during the negotiations for our first contract to improve our working conditions.

We used feedback from bargaining surveys filled out by a majority of Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists, and from in-person discussions during town halls to develop these goals. These goals are purposely ambitious and broad, based on a conceptual agenda that includes all the issues raised throughout our campaign. In the coming month, the bargaining committee, in collaboration with Postdoc/ARS working groups, will prepare specific proposals that address each of these goals. We are very excited to rely on these goals, and your continued feedback, to guide us as we develop concrete contract language on all of these topics through negotiations with Columbia.

Please click here to vote on the Initial Bargaining Goals

With participation and support from a strong majority of Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists across campus, we hope to improve the experience of postdoctoral researchers in ways that help us excel in our research, while also making the University more accessible, inclusive, and competitive by securing essential workplace protections and benefits such as: fair pay, professional development rights, affordable health benefits, paid parental and maternity leave, longer job appointments, stronger protections from sexual harassment, and more.

We remain committed to being responsive to the priorities and needs of everyone in the union, so if you have any additional feedback or suggestions about how to achieve the listed goals please include it in the comment box that is on the ballot. You can also reach the bargaining committee directly at

CPW-UAW Bargaining Committee,

Medini Annavajhala – Medicine, Infectious Diseases

Sonny Harman – Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

Hila Milo Rasouly – Medicine, Nephrology

Tulsi Patel – Pathology and Cell Biology

Melissa McKenzie – Pathology and Cell Biology

Steven Cook – Biological Sciences

Andrew Zaharia – Mind, Brain, and Behavior

Ignacio Hernandez-Morato – Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery