Reminder about membership meeting today 02/17/22 at 6:30pm on zoom (More information here). You can find the proposed agenda below and if you have not had the chance yet you can RSVP in this link:

RSVP here for our zoom membership meeting.

University-wide anti-bullying working group

In addition, the university wide anti-bullying committee is getting close to a full draft of its policy recommendation for the university. Please join the postdoc/ARS anti-bullying working group to provide feedback on the draft policy. The working group meets on Mondays at 4pm on zoom. Please RSVP here if you want to join!

Membership meeting agenda proposal

  • Call to order – 1min
  • Additions/changes/deletions to the agenda – 2min
  • Approval of agenda – 1min
  • Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting – 2min
  • Elections Committee announcement – 3min
  • Quick announcements – 5min
  • January report from the Financial Secretary – 5min
  • Discussion and vote [“yes, no or abstain”] “on whether the SWC should be allowed to join our local” – 40min
  • Adjournment – 1min

To conduct the discussion in an orderly manner we follow the parliamentary procedure used in most Local Unions and community organization meetings outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order. If you have any questions about how to use these rules during the meeting, always feel free to ask. As a new local union, we are all learning together and there are no wrong questions. You can find a cheat sheet with the most commonly used rules here.

In solidarity,

CPW-UAW Executive Board

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