Sign our open letter to NYC area members of Congress calling for their support!

As we approach April 6, 2020, we will increase efforts to send Columbia a strong message to reach a fair contract that improves our working conditions and our lives. Postdoc and Associate Researchers are now signing onto an open letter to elected officials in NYC asking them to urge Columbia to reach a fair agreement by April 6.

Our research helps bring roughly $1 billion in research funding to Columbia and NYC every year, mostly from federal agencies like NIH and NSF. Yet, Postdoc and Associate Research Scientist salary minimums at Columbia have fallen far behind other major NYC research institutions which now pay at least $58,500 per year for a starting postdoc. The university has also consistently fought against ensuring timely processes to address harassment and discrimination and parity of compensation and benefits for Fellows. Columbia’s inaction threatens to make it more difficult to attract and retain the best researchers, undermining the university’s role as a source of academic and scientific progress for the broader public. Click here to add your name to our open letter calling for working conditions that support federally-funded research.

The more of us who attend bargaining sessions, the more we can show Columbia that reaching a fair contract is a priority for all of us. Our next session is this Wednesday, February 26th, in Studebaker 469, from 1:30pm to 5:00pm. Please click here to let us know if you would like to attend part of the session this Wednesday.


CPW-UAW Bargaining Committee