Nice seeing you at our last membership meeting! And mark your calendar for the next meeting on the 20th of October.

Here’s a recap on what was discussed:

  1. Action in support to a former member who has been asked for unjust payments linked to the enrollment to the American Language Program (ALP). Sign the petition!! Add your name here.
  1. Report and Q/A session from a member of UAW 2110 (Support staff at Columbia) on their current negotiations for their new contract underlying the importance of building power from members for a strong ground during the negotiations; 
  1. Our Bargaining Committee (BC) reported on the status of preparations for our upcoming contract negotiations. Great work has been done on identifying weaknesses and areas of improvement in the current contract, the next step is to put all of this in writing with proper legal language! MOST IMPORTANTLY (!!) The BC highlighted the need for help from people volunteering in topics-centered working groups (WG) to present a strong, unified and data-driven basis in support of our requests to Columbia for our new contract. Sign up here or reach out to and take part in the process. This is a call for help!! An email from the BC with more details on the WGs is cooking and will follow soon;
  1. Members voted to join other collective organizations throughout CU (e.g. student workers, RAs, support staff) in a national walkout on reproductive rights, the right to gender-affirming healthcare and sex education. The event will take place on Oct 6th keep an eye for more updates.
  1. Upcoming elections for UAW’s International Executive Board are near!!! Please >>>> make sure we have your current mailing address (update it here) so you can receive your ballot to cast a vote, and click here for upcoming events planned for you to meet and know more about the candidates

Got any question on one or all of the points of orders above? Reach out and let us know!! We’d beappy to answer and tell you more.

Last reminder: our next membership meeting will be on October 20th at 6:30pm. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


CPW-UAW Local 4100 Executive Board

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