RSVP HERE for our monthly membership meeting – Thursday, 02/22 at 6:30 pm. 

As usual, we will be hybrid and on the two main campuses: 

  • CUMC Room
  • MS Room

⚠️ Membership Meeting Agenda – Key Topics ⚠️

  • Bylaws Committee: We’ll introduce our new committee members responsible for drafting the new bylaws that we will have following the amalgamation with SPOC-Mt. Sinai. If you are interested in working on the bylaws, you can attend the bylaws committee meetings.
  • Elections Committee: At the next month’s meeting we will take nominations and vote for new members of our elections committee. This committee oversees all elections that our Union runs and is a key part of how we function! At this month’s meeting we will discuss what are the roles and answer any questions in case you are interested to run. 

📣 Updates 📣

  • Fellows Working Group: We will have a new report from the working group responsible for ensuring that fellows are treated equally by CU. Here’s a summary of the new rights we have won in our recent contract.
  • Anti-Racism, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (ARDIEA) Working Group: We will also have a report from this working group developing ways to make academia a more diverse, equitable and supportive environment for all postdocs and ARSs. 
  • Contract Enforcement: We will go over how our new Hardship Fund is being organized and enforced, as well as updates on the salary raises we have received since the new contract!
  • Legal Counsel: As we discussed during our January meeting, we will be hiring a legal counsel to advise us during our bargaining with UAW Staff United (USU). We will have a new report on the counsel chosen and the financial details of it.

And bring any suggestions and questions!


Your friendly local Executive Board and Organizing Committee


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