Please let us know if you would like to get more involved in building the postdoc union.

In an email sent yesterday to the Columbia community, Provost Coatsworth announced that the administration will refuse to bargain with the graduate employee union. The administration is choosing to break the law over respecting the democratic mandate of graduate employees and bargain with their union. Graduate employees have repeatedly demonstrated that a majority of workers support the union and will not let this dissuade them from fighting for a fair contract.

The administration’s response is an attempt to stall the process in the hope that a Trump appointed NLRB will reverse the precedent setting decision establishing graduate students as workers.

Join the Graduate Workers of Columbia-UAW on the steps of Low Library tomorrow, Thursday, February 1 at 12PM in response to the Columbia administration’s hypocrisy. They have delayed respecting the graduate employees democratic choice for over three years now.

We are continuing to build toward a strong majority of postdocs supporting our union. The Columbia administrations choice to fight the mandate of graduate employees right to form a union has shown us that they will most likely be opposed to our union as well.

Help build a strong majority so that we can have as much power as possible to secure a fair contract for postdoctoral researchers at Columbia.

Best Wishes,

Members of the Columbia Postdoctoral Workers (CPW-UAW)