Sign our petition calling on Universities to protect international researchers!

In reaction to reports that the Trump administration has revoked the visas of more than 1,000 Chinese students and scholars, we are joining academic workers from UAW unions across the US in calling on our University administration to take steps to protect international researchers. From the details that are available, it is clear that the Trump administration’s enforcement of this rule is more about targeting and scapegoating international scholars than protecting sensitive intellectual property.

All affected individuals deserve due process. This is why we are calling on Columbia to to:

  • Continue paying targeted individuals despite their visa revocations, so they are not harmed financially by allegations that might be political.

  • Provide legal resources so our colleagues can adequately defend themselves.

  • Create a rapid-response task force composed of international students and scholars to support international employees and advise the university administration.

If you are affected by these latest visa revocations, please reach out by replying to this email. UAW academic workers are committed to protecting each other and sharing information and resources, and we will assist you with any issues or grievances that you may have. Please take a moment to sign this petition to the Columbia administration, calling on them to protect and support affected Chinese students and scholars.

In solidarity,

CPW-UAW Local 4100 Executive Board