The following is a guide to electioneering in accordance with UAW procedures:


Neither Union nor Employer funds may be used to promote the candidacy of any candidate in a union election. This prohibition applies to cash, facilities, equipment, space, vehicles, office supplies, copy machines, etc. This includes the funds/resources of any and all unions or employers. Union supporters may not campaign on time paid for by the Union or the Employer. Employees of the UAW may not campaign on time paid for by the UAW. Employees may not campaign on time paid for by Columbia or another employer.

Candidates may request to inspect (not copy) the list of union supporters once prior to election. No candidate may receive a copy of the list or copy information from the list. To arrange an inspection of the list, send a written request via email to or call the UAW office at 212.529.2580.

Candidates may have one observer at each of the polls for the duration of the election. Candidates must identify their observer(s) prior to the election by emailing

Campaign literature, print or electronic, may not use images commonly associated with the Union or the Employer (e.g., the UAW wheel, CPW-UAW logo, Columbia logo, etc.).

No electioneering is allowed within [25 feet] of the polling places.

Supporters may campaign for the candidate(s) of their choice without being subject to penalty, discipline, or reprisal of any kind.