After Postdoctoral Researchers and Associate Researchers voted 68% yes to certify our union, Columbia offered a framework agreement to begin bargaining. CPW-UAW members voted to ratify that agreement by 95%.
On December 4th, the National Labor Relations Board granted Columbia’s withdrawal of the request for review. This is a very exciting step forward! In accordance with the agreement, we are getting prepared to  begin bargaining by February 25th.


 A majority of Postdoctoral Researchers have completed the CPW-UAW bargaining survey


Now, based on the feedback received from the bargaining surveys, our elected bargaining committee is developing initial bargaining goals, outlining the improvements that our union will fight for in our first contract. A majority of Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists and Scholars have already completed the CPW-UAW bargaining survey.
Fill out a Bargaining Survey if you didn’t yet! The more of us who fill out a survey, the more effectively we can negotiate for a fair contract for all postdoctoral researchers at Columbia. We will all have the opportunity of give feedback and vote on the goals in the new year. 

Click here to do the Bargaining Survey Online