The International Union UAW stipulates that only members in good standing (union members who have paid at least one month of dues) are eligible for strike pay. In addition, to demonstrate a powerful, mass participation strike, we will all need to complete the following strike duties to receive strike pay:

  • 20 hours of picket or other strike duty shifts per week. Each day will be divided into two equal shifts of 4 hours in length, morning and evening, so 20 hours is equivalent to one half-day of picketing per day of the week. 
  • Campuses may substitute marches, rallies, or other activities for picket shifts, but members across all campuses must complete at least five picket or other strike duty shifts per week to receive strike pay. 

In addition to picket duty, other types of picket support may substitute depending on campus needs, and the access needs of picketers. These types of duties may include:

  • Phone banking, picket line support, and collecting materials for the picket line. Assignments to various duties will be based on campus needs and individual members’ disability access needs. 
  • Each campus unit(s) will have elected leaders devoted to organizing non-picket strike duties. 
  • In the event a member is unable to complete all of their picket duties for any reason, they should contact their strike captain to make contingency plans.

You can fill out the form for which duties you will perform here: