Membership Meeting

Our June membership meeting will be next Monday, June 14th at 6:30pm.  

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Following our monthly financial and membership reports, we will vote on a schedule of membership meetings through September and discuss our campaign to win protections against bullying/power-based harassment.

In addition, we will discuss a topic tabled at our last meeting, the upcoming referendum for all UAW members on whether to have direct elections for our national leadership. This referendum will likely take place over the fall, and all members of our union will be able to participate and vote on whether the UAW will transition from a delegate system for union-wide elections to a “one-member-one-vote” system, in which each member votes on our national leadership directly. This important decision could affect many aspects of our union – so we encourage you to attend!  Some resolutions from other UAW Academic Locals here.

Amendments and appeals for the statement in Israel and Palestine

At the end of the membership meeting, we will discuss and vote on amendments and a final version of the statement from our Local Union on the conflict in Israel and Palestine. Please, find the initial statement and all the proposed amendments, alternative statements and appeals compiled in this document.


As a reminder, to conduct discussions and votes in an orderly manner at our membership meetings, we follow the parliamentary procedure used in most Local Unions and community organization meetings outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order. You can find a cheat sheet with the most commonly used rules here. If you have any questions about how to use these rules during the meeting, always feel free to ask. As a new local union, we are all learning together and there are no wrong questions.