August membership meeting

Our August membership meeting will take place on Thursday August 25th at 6:30pm in hybrid mode: both in person at CUIMC [room TBD] and on zoom. Use one of the links below to RSVP.

RSVP to attend the membership meeting in person.

RSVP to attend the membership meeting on zoom.

This meeting will be the last one before sending out the Bargaining Survey to our unit. As many of you know, our current contract will expire in June 2023 and the bargaining committee has drafted the bargaining survey that will be presented at this membership meeting before being sent out to all of our members. It is of vital importance for our success in the next campaign that everyone who is willing to actively help whether through joining the working groups or just by helping to spread the word and get most people to fill the bargaining survey.

Among some important topics that will be discussed:

  • We’ll hear a report on the UAW convention;
  • Report from the bargaining committee on the contract kick off meeting;
  • and other priorities for our union, like the retirement petition, and the possibility of auditing the financial status of the university as a tool for our next negotiations.

In addition, we will have our monthly Finances and Executive Board reports and discuss some important steps in preparation for our next contract campaign.

And bring any other suggestions!  

As a reminder, to conduct discussions and votes in an orderly manner at our membership meetings, we follow the parliamentary procedure used in most Local Unions and community organization meetings outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order. You can find a cheat sheet with the most commonly used rules here. If you have any questions about how to use these rules during the meeting, always feel free to ask. As a new local union, we are all learning together and there are no wrong questions.