Description of Responsibilities of Local Union Delegates to the 38th Constitutional Convention 

The UAW Constitution is the highest law of our Union. It has been adopted, and can be amended, only by a majority vote of the delegates at regular Constitutional Conventions or Special Conventions.

Every four years, the UAW holds a Constitutional Convention where delegates adopt resolutions that set the union’s position on important workplace and societal issues, decide constitutional changes, and elect officers and regional directors.

Local union members elect their convention delegates. Local union delegate numbers and votes are based on membership size.

  • Please click here to read the 2022 Constitutional Convention Call. 
  • Responsibilities of delegates: 
    • Delegates will attend in person the 38th UAW Constitutional Convention in Detroit, Michigan on July 25-28, 2022. 
    • The delegate from our Local will have voting rights to represent the position of our members during the Convention. Including: 
      • Resolutions and Amendments presented to the UAW Constitution.
      • Nomination of candidates for our Regional Director and other positions of the International Executive Board. 
      • Any other business put forward at the convention 


The business of the International Convention shall proceed in compliance with Article 8, Sections 2 and 3 of the International Constitution, with one modification. Pending issuance of Rules by the Monitor – which, pursuant to the Consent Decree, shall be developed by the Monitor in consultation with the UAW – it is anticipated that the Nomination of Officers (“IEB Members”) will occur at the International Convention as prescribed by the International Constitution, but the Election of Officers (“IEB Members”) will subsequently occur through a direct voting system to be established by the Monitor.

ARTICLE 8 – Conventions

Section 2. The business of the International Convention shall proceed in the following order unless otherwise ordered by the Convention:

(1) Call to Order.

(2) Report on Credentials.

(3) Reading of Convention Rules.

(4) Appointing Committees.

(5) Communications and Bills.

(6) Resolutions, etc.

(7) Reports of Committees.

(8) Report of Officers and International Executive Board.

(9) Nomination and Election of Officers and International Trustee.

(10) Unfinished Business.

(11) New Business.

(12) Adjournment.

Section 3. Twenty-five (25) percent of all of the delegates seated at any International Convention shall constitute a quorum. No business shall come before or be considered by the Convention at any session unless a quorum is present. In the event the Chairperson of the Convention is unable to obtain a quorum on the last day of the Convention, all unfinished business of the Convention shall be referred to the International Executive Board.

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