We will be holding town halls to discuss the current status of our campaign to win improvements in our first union contract. This is a great opportunity to learn about the bargaining process, progress we have made so far, and what it will take to overcome Columbia’s continued resistance to some of our core proposals.

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Bargaining Update Town Halls:

  • Morningside: Monday, 12/16, 1-2pm in Fairchild, room 1000.
  • CUMC: Tuesday, 12/17, 12-1pm in Physicians and Surgeons, room 16-405 (Todd Amphitheatre)
  • Manhattanville: Wednesday, 12/18, 12:30-1:30pm, in Jerome L. Greene Science Center, room L7-119

21st Bargaining Session Update:

We had a brief bargaining session last week in which we discussed Health and Safety, Non-discrimination and Harassment, and health benefits.

We spent most of our time further discussing the topic of Non-Discrimination. We discussed some of the core components of our proposal to strengthen protections against bullying, discrimination and harassment. Our proposal would establish a timely grievance process, with interim protective measures during any investigation of the alleged discrimination or harassment, clear and easy access to union representation, and timely access to a neutral arbitrator if necessary. We continue to be disappointed in the administration’s formal responses to our proposal, especially since most of what we have proposed is increasingly common for postdoctoral researchers at other top-tier universities, like the University of California and University of Washington. We take Columbia at their word when they say they share our commitment to a research community free of bullying, discrimination and harassment. But based on their slow-moving response so far, we will clearly have more discussion on these issues as we continue forward in bargaining and it will continue to be important for PARs to make clear how important this is as part of our overall bargaining agenda.

The University also gave us a slightly revised proposal on Health and Safety, which we will respond to in our next session. Finally, we spent time in a subcommittee focused on our goal of improving the quality and affordability of PAR health insurance benefits.

Our next session is on December 11.

Please RSVP if you would like to attend an upcoming bargaining session:

  • Wednesday, December 11th, 1:30-5pm, CUMC
  • Thursday, December 19th, 1pm-4pm, Studebaker Building



CPW-UAW Bargaining Committee