We want to reach an agreement as soon as possible, and the more power we build through participating and showing support for our union’s goals, the more pressure we can put on Columbia not to slow down the process and reach a fair agreement in a reasonable period of time. Our bargaining committee is hopeful that with strong participation from PARs across Columbia we can reach a fair agreement with the University.

Based on Columbia’s proposed framework for bargaining, we have agreed not to go on strike before April 5th, 2020. If Columbia is not agreeing to a fair agreement by April 5th, 2020 PARs would have the ability to vote to authorize the bargaining committee to call a strike if they deemed it necessary to reach a fair agreement. While it would be our collective decision whether or not to strike, and a strike can only be democratically approved by a ⅔ majority vote, this provides a clear deadline for Columbia to reach an agreement with our union.