No. It is important to remember that postdoctoral researchers will determine our bargaining priorities democratically here at Columbia, and we will vote to ratify any new contract provisions as well before they go into effect. We care deeply about our research, but also want to have some work-life balance in our lives. At the University of California, as an example, postdocs negotiated language accommodating that balance, acknowledging the professional nature of being a full-time postdoc, where the work focuses on accomplishing the research goals, while discouraging arbitrary assignment of an unreasonable number of hours unconnected to the research goals. We are confident that if Columbia bargains in good faith, we can achieve similar balance.

The workweek “is normally at least 40 hours, with the emphasis placed on meeting the responsibilities assigned to the position, on making progress toward their professional goals, and on demonstrating their research and creative capabilities, rather than on working a specified number of hours. Required work schedules must be reasonable, and related to the research needs. In recognition of the professional exempt status of Postdoctoral Scholars, assigned work schedules provide the flexibility to meet research goals and to occasionally allow a schedule of less than 40 hours in a week.”