A majority of Postdoctoral and Associate Researchers have signed our open letter for enforceable procedures to address bullying, sexual and other forms of discrimination and harassment.

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Even though at our first meeting we expressed that harassment and discrimination are real issues, and that current policies are insufficient, the administration disregarded our report and proposed that Postdocs and Associate Research Scientists (PAR) should be required to address sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying through the university’s existing procedures, without any option of taking such grievances to neutral arbitration if a PAR chose to do so.We know that issues like bullying, sexual harassment, and various other forms of discrimination and harassment are widespread problems that we have experienced, or witness our colleagues experiencing, on a regular basis. We are asking you to join us by signing on to an open letter calling on Columbia to negotiate a fair union contract that includes strong protections against and enforceable procedures to address instances of bullying, sexual and other forms of discrimination and harassment.
Please sign on to our letter below so that we can demonstrate to Columbia the overwhelming support that exists for these measures.